Summer Thirst Quenching Iced Coffee's

Smash some ice, add a strong cold espresso and some cream or milk (and a little sugar), and you have a summers day delight to quench all thirsts!

Iced coffee can be as simple as that, or if you want something a little 'special', check out some of these recipes.

Recipe for a Stunning Iced Coffee

I found some of the best iced coffee recipes for you while researching this site. Iced Mocha, Cafe Frappe of just a Viennese – which do you prefer?

How make an Iced Cappuccino Using Instant Coffee

An iced cappuccino with instant coffee. It’s cheap, it’s quick and it tastes absolutely wonderful – particularly on a hot summers day!

Chocolate Frappe Recipe

The best chocolate frappe recipe, but mixed with dark chocolate – thank you Dad! Here is how to make the perfect Moka Helado.

How to make double brewed ice coffee

Here is how to make your iced coffee the correct temperature, so it isn’t watered down.

Coffee Rumba Recipe

I guarantee that once you smell the finished Coffee Rumba, you will want to drink it right away!

Coffee Alexander Frappe Recipe

The Cafe Alexander – A simple, refreshing iced coffee frappe but with alchohol for a really pleasant mix!

Cafe Frappe Recipe

Make them spiced, make them with your favorite liqueur or finish them with chocolate, here are some silky smooth cafe frappe recipes!

Iced Cognac Mocha Recipe

Here is a full on liquor iced coffee! There are two methods to make an iced Cogna Mocha, I prefer the more time consuming way.

Spiced Iced Coffee Recipe

Try a spiced ice coffee, I guarantee you’ll feel the ‘zing’ of this coffee recipe! It’s made with all spice berries and cloves!

Iced Viennese Coffee Recipe

The simplest is not always light in taste! Try this iced Viennese recipe and I’m sure you will agree.