The Only List of Coffee Cake Recipes You'll Ever Need Again!

These coffee cake recipes seriously make your mouth water - I dare you to read through a few and not get hungry!

Here are your favorite:

  • Cake recipes
  • Syrups made with coffee
  • Frozen mouses made with coffee
  • Coffee cream recipes

How to Make Coffee Syrup

The best Coffee Syrup recipe around. I love to add coffee syrup to my ice cream, or on sponge pudding if I’m having a dinner party.

A Delicious Cinnamon Coffee Cake Recipe

A delicious cinnamon coffee cake recipe with coconut topping, which you can serve at any dinner time.

Frozen Coffee Mousse Praline Recipe

How to make a delicious Frozen Coffee Mousse Praline. This recipe makes your mouth water just reading it!

St Valentine’s Cream Recipe

The finest St Valentine’s Cream recipe. This one makes a really light coffee dessert or a light cream for a cake or pudding.

Mocha Butter Cream Recipe

This is a really tasty Mocha Butter Cream Recipe. Includes alternative ingredients for additional flavor, there is even one with rum!

Coffee Sauce Recipe

How to make a delicious Coffee Sauce recipe. Serve over pudding or vanilla ice cream, DO NOT LET IT CURDLE!

Chocolate and Coffee Sauce Recipe Plus A Simple Alternative

Chocolate and coffee sauce – 2 different recipes for your favorite ice cream or pudding desert.

Coffee Mousse Recipe

This is a refreshing, light and aromatic coffee mousse recipe. Enjoy this coffee cake recipe on a warm summer evening. Delicious!

Mocha Mousse Recipe

Here is a great coffee recipe on how to make chocolate mocha mousse. Chocolate mousse cake or is this death by chocolate?

Walnut and Coffee Cake Recipe

This is a great coffee and walnut cake, just like the one my mother used to make when I was a kid.