Andy James

I am an engineer at heart and I relish in subjects of how things work and function. I am very interested in following 'live' products from where they grow and harvest, to human consumption. This site is wonderful insight into coffee, from its birth to our cup of 'java' we drink to wake us each morning. I really hope you enjoy our site.

Canada Based Tim Hortons Coffee Has Pledged to Help Animal Welfare

Tim Hortons Coffee announces in a bold move that the Ontario based company will stop using suppliers who use overcrowded weening facilities for their pregnant animals.

Get a Caffeine Shot in a Bag of Crunchy Chips

Caffeine in our tortilla chips, whatever will they put the ‘jittery’ stuff in next?

I Love Tea But I Do Miss My Cup of Morning Coffee

I miss my cup of morning coffee! Until I get the ‘all clear’ I’m going to stick to a cup of tea because it does not upset my stomach.

What are the Best Coffee Brewing Methods

Here is your guide to the best coffee brewing methods. Which one is best for you will depend on personal preference and available equipment.

Can You Grow a Coffee Tree (Plant) at Home?

Growing coffee beans at home can be a bit challenging, but it is possible if you follow these instructions for planting and germination.

How to Make Coffee Syrup

The best Coffee Syrup recipe around. I love to add coffee syrup to my ice cream, or on sponge pudding if I’m having a dinner party.

A Delicious Cinnamon Coffee Cake Recipe

A delicious cinnamon coffee cake recipe with coconut topping, which you can serve at any dinner time.

Frozen Coffee Mousse Praline Recipe

How to make a delicious Frozen Coffee Mousse Praline. This recipe makes your mouth water just reading it!

St Valentine’s Cream Recipe

The finest St Valentine’s Cream recipe. This one makes a really light coffee dessert or a light cream for a cake or pudding.

Mocha Butter Cream Recipe

This is a really tasty Mocha Butter Cream Recipe. Includes alternative ingredients for additional flavor, there is even one with rum!