Andy James

I am an engineer at heart and I relish in subjects of how things work and function. I am very interested in following 'live' products from where they grow and harvest, to human consumption. This site is wonderful insight into coffee, from its birth to our cup of 'java' we drink to wake us each morning. I really hope you enjoy our site.

About Andy James

Andy is a coffee aficionado and green tea enthusiast! Healthy living plays a huge part in his life and that of his family. Coffee and caffeine used to be a taboo topic, but after much research into its health benefits and how a good old cup of 'Joe' fits into every day life, Andy now advocates coffee as a wonderful addition to anyone life (in moderation, of course). So you will find subjects on this website relating to health, as well as everything else you need or want to know about coffee. You can find Andy on Twitter and Facebook, and also on Google +.

The History of Coffee And It’s Origins

Here we discuss history of coffee, where it all started and you can even read about Kaldi and his dancing goats! Also, where was the first coffee roasting and who did it?

Taylors 10 Tips for Great Tasting Coffee

Here is a great video from Taylors of Harrogate, with 10 top tips for great tasting coffee.

Top 3 Coffee Makers

Best reviews of the top 3 coffee makers available, including the pro’s and any bad points for home brewing in style.

Coffee Maker Buyers Guide :: How to Choose the Right Machine for Your Budget

Our Coffee Makers Buyers Guide takes the guess work and hard work out of choosing the right machine for your home.

Does Caffeine Really Boost Sports Performance

Does caffeine really boost sports performance, or is this just a myth? Weight training enthusiasts swear by caffeine, but should they?

How Does Coffee Affect the Digestive System

Caffeine in moderation is good for health, but will too much adversely affect the digestive system and cause problems?

Do You Know How Much Caffeine is in Your Cup of Joe

Do you really know how much caffeine is in your cup of coffee? Watch this video and discover some amazing things about caffeine.

Surely Coffee Cannot Be Good For Your Health

Another great video highlighting how drinking coffee in moderation is good for your health.

Interesting Coffee Facts in a Single Video

The worlds coffee consumption is incredible. Did you know that we consume enough caffeine each day for every man, woman and child on the planet to have a cup?

Questions About Coffee or Green Tea?

Everybody has a question they would like an answer for about coffee or green tea. Coffee has been the most widely drank social drink for centuries, originating from countries along the coffee belt. But most people do not know how to enjoy their cup of ‘Joe’ or ‘Java’ or ‘Black Gold’ in the best way […]