About Me, and Coffee Alera

Founded in October 2009, Coffee Alera is our compulsive collection of all things coffee. We have endeavoured to bring you educational facts and data (including prices and places where you can purchase products) about coffee beans, roasting processes as well as many other interesting things.

From the best coffee making tips, coffee  and coffee cake recipes, and all you want and need to know is right here.

We have included a section on the history of coffee for your perusal, a section on caffeine in sport and much, much more.

About Me

I am a self confessed coffee aficionado and amateur expert on all things coffee. I was once a Surveyor for a global construction and civil engineering company, then I turned my hand to owning a security business. But now I am a happy family man, working from my home office, allowing me quality time with my beautiful daughter as she grows up.

You can find me on Google+, follow me on Twitter and also on my facebook page where I share relevant social media news stories.