Interesting Coffee Facts in a Single Video

Did you know that every day, we consume over three hundred tonnes of caffeine?

That is enough for every man, woman and child on the planet to have a cup. Insane isn’t it?

Video Notes:

  • USA is the worlds largest importer of coffee
  • USA has to import almost all of its coffee
  • Coffee plants will only grow in climates between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn, which is known as the coffee belt
  • Hawaii is the only American state in this belt
  • Finland is biggest consumer of coffee per day; they drink 3 times a day more than average American
  • Coffee berries need to be hand picked to release the beans inside
  • About 40 coffee beans are needed to make one espresso
  • Caffeine is a natural insecticide which the tree produces
  • There are no recorded deaths from overdose of coffee
  • You may develop a physical addiction to caffeine
  • Withdrawal will make you cranky and give you a headache
  • Caffeine gives you better memory (read our article on Alzheimer’s disease)
  • Coffee/caffeine is the most used psycho active drug in the world
  • Coffee has many health benefits
  • In 1600’s people switched from alcohol to coffee and tea
  • Coffee is the fuel of the modern world
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