Questions About Coffee or Green Tea?

Everybody has a question they would like an answer for about coffee or green tea.

Coffee has been the most widely drank social drink for centuries, originating from countries along the coffee belt. But most people do not know how to enjoy their cup of ‘Joe’ or ‘Java’ or ‘Black Gold’ in the best way that they can. For too long people have been subjected or even subject themselves to drinking instant coffee, just because it is quick and simple to make.

Green tea is not a new ‘beverage’, but it is certainly becoming an ever increasing phenomenon to health enthusiast throughout the world.

So on this website, we have addresses our readers questions about coffee and green tea. Some people are simply unaware that they don’t need to buy an deluxe or expensive coffee machine to enjoy their coffee. Other people do not know that coffee and green tea has several health benefits, including hindering the symptoms associated with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. While other people want to know which coffee maker is best for their needs.

If you have any questions about coffee, please use the form below and send them in and I’ll post the best questions and answers here on our site:

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Andy is a coffee aficionado and green tea enthusiast! Healthy living plays a huge part in his life and that of his family. Coffee and caffeine used to be a taboo topic, but after much research into its health benefits and how a good old cup of 'Joe' fits into every day life, Andy now advocates coffee as a wonderful addition to anyone life (in moderation, of course). So you will find subjects on this website relating to health, as well as everything else you need or want to know about coffee. You can find Andy on Twitter and Facebook, and also on Google +.

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