Get a Caffeine Shot in a Bag of Crunchy Chips

What will be the next ingenious method that food manufacturers will use to inject some caffeine into our central nervous systems?

First we had coffee, then we had caffeine in Red Bull and other related sports drinks, and now of all products they are coating our beloved crunchy chips with it.

According to a recent article in CBS Philadelphia, Arma Energy SNX produces chips and tortilla’s which contain the ‘jittery’ stuff. They also contain Vitamin B and Taurine, both of which are good for your heart.

I guess if they produce something to affect our hearts in a negative way, they need to pop something in the mix that is pro-active for the heart.

It does make you wonder doesn’t it. I mean, why put taurine in a product to regulate the heart if that product is specifically made to boost the heart rate in the first place?

Perhaps it’s a moral dilemma for these manufacturers, I don’t know.

Anyhow, just like other heart-rate-boosting products like Red Bull, these two types of chips called Cobra and Hellfire are marketed towards sports people.

But why? We all know that products of this kind are high in saturated fat, so why is it aimed at this market. Surely it would be better marketed to students and people living in the fast lane who only eat snacks anyway. And besides that, you can get more caffeine in a quick shot of espresso.

And with other product names like RPG, T-Bomb and F-Bomb, you would think the website (of a similar design) would be selling guns and not snacks!

Having said that, I wouldn’t mind trying them myself because they do look very appetizing.

And you can check this out for yourself, here are the links:

CBS Philadelphia –

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