How Much Coffee Do I Put In a Coffee Maker?

You want the perfect tasting brew, but how much coffee do you use in your coffee machine? Well, it will depend of course on how many cups you want to make and how strong you want it. It will also depend on the brand and type you are using. If you are using beans which have a higher level of acidity, like Kenyan coffee then consider using less in the pot.

But this is a general guide which I use. I do like a strong cup of java, so I use 2 heaped tablespoons per mug of water, plus an extra an extra tablespoon on top for 5 – 6 cups.

If you have  just got your coffee maker and this is your first, then you will have to rely on the old, ‘trial and error method’ until you find your perfect tasting cup of coffee! Good luck.

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Andy is a coffee aficionado and green tea enthusiast! Healthy living plays a huge part in his life and that of his family. Coffee and caffeine used to be a taboo topic, but after much research into its health benefits and how a good old cup of 'Joe' fits into every day life, Andy now advocates coffee as a wonderful addition to anyone life (in moderation, of course). So you will find subjects on this website relating to health, as well as everything else you need or want to know about coffee. You can find Andy on Twitter and Facebook, and also on Google +.

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