How to Make a Caffe Americano

The definition of this simplistic caffeine brew, is to simply add hot water to a shot of espresso. Or in fact, add hot water to how ever many shots of espresso you desire for the strength of your morning wake up juice!

The Italian say this is just ‘American coffee’, and in actual fact it is nothing more than a lazy man’s easy-to-make drip coffee made with an espresso shot (or shots).

If you’re making this at home, why are you going to the trouble of first making the espresso and then just watering it down?

Why not just buy a strong, quality instant and add boiling water that? It would save you a heap of time, and I am guessing you would not be fare off with the taste too!

That’s just my ‘two pence worth’.

Anyhow, here is the shortest coffee recipe EVER.

1 shot of espresso coffee
Boiling water


Just add water to the extracted espresso, filling the cup! If you want something that is reminiscent of a weak Cappuccino, just add frothed milk, whipped cream and cinnamon.

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