Cafe Frappe Recipe

How to make a Frappe Coffee

Creamy, smooth and frothy – The Frappe coffee is at the top of my list, when it comes to iced coffee’s! Using as much ice as coffee, this iced brew is served liquidized until the ice is no longer lumpy or crushed, but silky smooth!


You want to use a really good blend of coffee to make your cafe frappe. Strength wise, make it about one and half to twice as strong as you would normally. This is because of it being almost entirely made from ice and you don’t want to lose flavor when the coffee is mixed with the ice.

Sweeten to taste (as always, I use either chocolate or a pinch of cinnamon!) Finish by mixing either fresh cream or ice cream (I prefer a creamy coffee taste) and blend once more, serving immediately or you’ll lose that wonderful froth.

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