Iced Mocha Recipe

Here’s How to Make Iced Mocha Coffee

Use 100g of chocolate (or chocolate syrup) per 1 Liter of Strong coffee – This amount is ideal for a small gathering and can easily be adjusted if just a couple of cups are required.


Melt the chocolate in a bowl and pour over the fresh hot coffee and stir until well mixed together. Refrigerate after adding the desired amount of sweetener, if required. If you would like a slight ‘twist’ in the flavor, add brown sugar because this adds a certain caramel taste to your iced mocha!

If you are in a hurry to serve your chilled beverage, use a shallow dish as this will disperse the heat quicker.

Next add a small amount of crushed ice to your chilled drink and garnish with whipped cream and chocolate shavings.

For a quick and easy method, chill your mix in the freezer but keep an eye on it, not to let it ice over.

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