What Temperature Should Iced Coffee Be

Whether it’s a cafe frappe, an iced coffee mocha or just an iced coffee with milk, there is nothing more refreshing on a hot summer afternoon. Ice cold or fridge cold, it’s really up to you how just how cold you brew iced coffee.

It ‘boils down’ (pardon the pun!!) to the texture of the iced and individual preference. Some people like their drink refrigerator cold, smooth and creamy, but I prefer mine with crushed ice – And also very creamy!

There are several ways of making an iced coffee, the simplest of all is to just pour a very strong coffee, usually a hot espresso or cappuccino, over some icy cold milk after the required sweetener has been added. This method is usually adopted by busy coffee shops, where time is of the essence.

In the rest of this section, you will find many iced coffee recipes –  play around with them and find your perfect chilled brew, there are no rules, so add what you fancy and perfect your own style!

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