Who Are the Top Coffee Producers of the World

Isn’t it incredible that some of the poorest countries in the world rely heavily on the income of a product which is consumed by almost everybody in the ‘first world’, but they still remain mostly third world? Is there something wrong somewhere?

Here are the Top Coffee Producers of the world:

1. Brazil – 36%
2. Vietnam – 15%
3. Central America & Mexico – 13%
4. Asia – 13%
5. Africa – 12%
6. Colombia – 7%
7. The rest of South America – 4%

And do you know how many people drink coffee? Well, in the United States alone 54% of American adults regularly consume coffee and world coffee consumption has risen from 104.7 million bags in 2000 to 130.0 million bags in 2008.

Coffee Consumption Facts

Even in these tough economic times, coffee consumption remains high, if not increasing. This is because of it’s huge popularity with almost every culture in the world. This should give hope to the coffee producers, providing that logistical prices remain relative.

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